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• You can book this unique band at very advantageous conditions as a highlight act for your festival, club or theatre.

For information and bookings:
A.I. Lukacs
Prins Hendrikstraat 20 B
4835 PP Breda
Tel.: (0031) 76-5610329


A group of six top professional musicians have created a refreshing band that plays hot traditional Jazz from the years 1921-1934.

Each of these musicians comes with decades of experience in early Jazz. They are all multi-instrumentalists, ready to surprise the European Jazz scene in clubs, theatres, festivals, broadcast and television with their enchanting music.  

THE DREAMLAND ORCHESTRA performs ACCOUSTICALLY, like in that period, no amplification except for vocals.

The repertoire focuses on small groups like the Halfway-House Orchestra, New Orleans Owls, and Clarence Williams, but also  on the music of Duke Ellington, Fletcher Henderson, and New Yorkers such as Red Nichols, Jimmy Dorsey, Miff Mole and Adrian Rollini.

THE DREAMLAND ORCHESTRA offers an entertaining show of Hot-Dance and Jazz music of the Twenties and early Thirties to delight audiences everywhere.

-THE DREAMLAND ORCHESTRA has the following line-up:

Robert Veen
Leo van Oosterom
Kurt Weiss
Tom Stuip
Arend Huisman
Andor Lukacs

Clarinet, soprano saxophone and arrangements
Alto saxophone
Banjo, guitar
Sousaphone, vocals
Piano, band leader


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muziek UKvlag Fvlag Dvlag